How do grounding mats work?

When used effectively, Grounding mats help flow earth’s electrons into the user’s body. Grounding naturally by walking on the earth is essential for the human body as it helps reduce stress and anxiety, inflammation, relief cramped muscles and joints and much more. But due to hectic lifestyles, we humans are not able to take time out for such activities, and hence, we suffer from indefinite health problems. This is when grounding mats come to work.

How do grounding mats work? Let’s take a look:

Grounding mats are designed in such a way that they provide the same health benefits from it as we get from walking on the earth. They can be used in the comfort of our homes, while doing daily chores, at the office while working, or working out on these mats, as similar to yoga mats. These mats look like normal mats but are equipped with materials like leather, polyurethane, copper, etc., that are conductive in nature. The surface of the earth has a negative electric charge, and when it comes in contact with the human body, it equalizes. These grounding mats help to form an electrical connection between the user’s body and the earth. This electric connection allows the electrons to flow from the earth into the body, providing health benefits.

How do grounding mats work?

Benefits of grounding mats

  1. Research shows that using grounding mats before or while sleeping positively affects irregular sleep patterns and insomnia.
  2. Using grounding mats also has a positive effect on stress and anxiety levels.
  3. Continued usage of grounding mats while sleeping or working out can ease cramped muscles and reduce joint pain.
  4. It is also reported that the usage of grounding mats can help in the healing of wounds at a faster speed.


  1. Do you have to sleep directly on a grounding mat?

Sleeping mats are conductive, so it is safe to sleep directly on them. It is suggested to have direct skin contact with these mats to have maximum benefits of grounding.

  1. Do grounding mats work through clothes?

Grounding mats will work if you use them while wearing clothes, but they will work more effectively if the user tends to have direct ski contact with the mat.

  1. How long should I use my grounding mat a day?

Using grounding mats for at least 30 minutes can help to avail the benefits of grounding. Also mats can also be used while sleeping.

  1. Does earthing detox your body?

Earthing can definitely help to detox our bodies by improving blood circulation, regulating irregular sleep patterns and reducing inflammation.

The above article explained how grounding mats work and their various benefits. We hope that it was helpful to you.

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