Grounding Yoga

A healthy root chakra makes one feel calm, collected, and confident. If it is unbalanced, then a person is a bundle of nerves at all times. Just imagine being moody, anxious, and paranoid at all times. Many among us suffer through the same.

However, such people can be at peace and become self-reliant by forming a link with their root chakra. Grounding yoga is of great help to establish this connection.

The following yoga poses will help you achieve harmony between body and soul:-

Tadasana aka Mountain Pose

Remember, at school in the morning assembly, you had to “stand at ease.” This asana requires you “to be at ease.” Your palms should be open, and shoulders should be relaxed. The bottom of your feet should feel firmly connected with the earth. Inhale and exhale slowly. Do it ten times.


  • This grounding yoga pose improves posture and balance of the body.
  • It re-energizes the nerves and also results in better digestion.
  • Worthwhile for women as it balances the period-cycle.

Virabhadrasana aka Warrior Pose

As shown in the picture, both the feet should firmly touch the ground. It seems easy enough, but looks can be deceiving. Remain in the position for a minute. Repeat by changing sides.


  • This pose makes your arms, legs, shoulders, and back strong.
  • It toughens you and increases your endurance.
  • Blood circulation increases and focus is improved.

Vrikshasana aka Tree Pose

Just like a tree grounds itself to the earth, similarly, you will eventually ground yourself by doing the asana below. You will become more steady, both physically and mentally. It’s not necessary to keep the eyes closed. If you do this pose with open eyes, you can attain balance well by focussing on any one point in front of you.


  • Gradually, this asana brings peace to your mind and nervous system.
  • Your physique becomes sturdy, and you have better self-restraint.
  • Concentration increases many folds.

Janu Sirsasana aka Seated Head to Knee Pose

This is the best asana to achieve flexibility. It should be the lower part of your belly, which should touch the thigh. The head follows. If possible, be in this position for five breaths, at least. Then change sides.


  • It stretches the spine, shoulders, and groin. Also, it revitalizes the liver and kidneys.
  • It provides relief from high blood pressure and menstrual pain.
  • The digestive system improves, and metabolism increases, which keeps weight in check.

Savasana aka Corpse Pose

It seems so simple, but in actuality, quite hard as it expects you to surrender to the earth simply. Always finish your yoga routine with this pose. Ideally, you should devote 10 minutes to it daily.


  • It is said that the real grounding takes place during Savasana. During this phase, it calmly orients both body and mind.
  • It gets you out of depression to some extent.
  • Your memory improves, and the positivity brought to you by this pose makes you more enterprising.


Make the above-mentioned yoga poses for grounding, a part of your everyday routine, connect with the root chakra, and repair your imbalance.