The stress in our lives torments us in such ways that it makes us lose our calm, ability to focus, and operate well. We become ungrounded, which means that our root chakra becomes unbalanced. Now, this is quite alarming.

Importance of Root Chakra

The primary duty of the root chakra is to provide us stability in life, both physically and psychologically. It renders negativity ineffective.


If the above significant aspect is maladjusted, the extent of harm to one’s well-being can be disastrous. This is where grounding stones and crystals come to help. They aid in grounding us by clearing the clogged anxiety, and letting the healing energy of the earth flow into our body through the root chakra.

You can use these stones in the form of bracelets, or you can keep these at your home or office as a decorative piece.

Grounding takes away your insecurity and self-doubt; strengthens your core and makes you a better decision-maker. Those among you who want such a privilege can transform themselves by using the following grounding crystals and stones:-



Shade: Black, Red, Reddish-brown

Found in: Australia, Canada, India, Brazil, United States

  • It is the most potent stone with so much power that it absorbs all the negativity around you and provides you the clarity to make logical decisions.
  • It helps you in remaining focussed on what’s at hand. If you are a working professional, then hematite is a valuable stone for you.
  • You will gradually notice that hematite around is making you control your impulses, and react to situations more wisely.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Shade: light brown, deep black

Found in: Brazil, Mozambique, Australia, Scotland, Switzerland

  • It is a protection stone. Wherever it is kept, it guards the place against harm.
  • It reduces anxiety and boosts your resolve and is one of the best grounding crystals..
  • It vitalizes the environment, which further motivates you to make your ideas a reality with enthusiasm.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Shade: Black

Found in: Sri Lanka, Pakistan, USA, Africa

  • This stone enhances self-confidence and makes you more open-minded.
  • It protects you from harmful intentions everywhere.
  • It equips you with the capacity to face challenging circumstances in both personal and professional lives.

Stone Name: Red Jasper

Red Jasper

Shade: Red

Found in: France, Germany, Venezuela, Russia, USA

  • Using a red jasper in any manner brings courage, perseverance, and wisdom to you.
  • It restores passion towards work and helps in attaining expertise. A great asset to possess.
  • It brings endurance in those individuals whose professions require vigorous manual labor.

Stone Name: Jet

jet stone

Shade: Black

Found in: England, Poland, Spain, USA

  • Jet stone brings balance and harmony in your life, which grounding is all about.
  • It liberates you of fear and anger gradually.
  • It balances depression and also heals the pain of menstrual cramps.

Stone Name: Bloodstone


Shade: Teal-green with red speckles

Found in: China, Brazil, Australia, California

  • Your decision-making ability enhances if you meditate with or wear this stone. Entrepreneurs and business owners can undoubtedly gain.
  • It increases creativity and intuition in people.
  • It guards the immune system and also aids in reviving the body after illness.

Stone Name: Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood

Shade: Brown-black

Found in: Found in almost all parts of the world

  • It helps you in becoming comfortable with transitions in life. It assists you in coping with something which you find difficult to accept.
  • It raises alertness and magnifies determination.
  • Also, it instills patience in individuals and promotes self-discipline, which is immensely significant for being successful.

Stone Name: Moss Agate

Moss Agate

Shade: Dark with sea-green filaments

Found in: India, Brazil, Uruguay, Europe

  • By using this stone, you attract more abundance. It shows the way to prosperity to your profession.
  •  An excellent grounding crystal, it brings stability in life and increases concentration.
  • It can be kept near during childbirth as it aids in a healthy delivery.

Stone Name: Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

Shade: Deep black or blackish-green

Found in: All the continents

  • It protects you from the problems of the heart, digestive system, and blood pressure.
  • It brings good fortune in terms of money and makes you take more pragmatic decisions.
  • It cleanses the negative aura around you and assists you in dealing with relationships sensibly.

Stone Name: Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

Shade: Mainly brown

Found in: India, Myanmar, Korea, Australia

  • It helps you in controlling overwhelming emotions. Also, it improves the way you understand unfamiliar circumstances by sharpening your intuition.
  • It lessens anxiety, which stems from inadequacy and isolation.
  • It curbs the strong need for binging on different addictive items like food, alcohol, or drugs.


These stones and crystals are power-houses of natural energy that have the potential to heal your soul. You can carry any of the above matching your requirements. The best way to benefit from these extraordinary entities is to hold them in your hand and meditate with them.

However, as today’s busy schedules don’t allow this to happen regularly, you can keep a piece either in your pocket or bag; keep on your desk or wear on your wrist. If these stones are around you in any way, it will be advantageous for you. At last, I would like to welcome you to the extraordinary world of grounding crystals and stones.