What is earthing for humans? Explained

Since more and more people have started to talk about earthing and its impact on the human body, it is important to understand the science behind it. In this article, we shall be discussing the basics of earthing, along with the techniques and benefits that come along.

What is earthing for humans?

Earthing is a technique that involves coming in direct contact with the earth and its different elements like water, soil, grass, and even concrete. When our skin comes in contact with these elements, tonnes of electrons that Earth contains get absorbed into our bodies, and these electrons hold the ability to heal various physical and mental health problems. Scientific studies and research have proven that regular earthing sessions treat chronic pain, regulate blood flow, and reduce stress levels, among other health benefits. This is probably the reason our moods instantly lift up our moods.

What are the different earthing techniques?

Here are some most effective yet no-effort earthing techniques:

1. Barefoot walking

Have you noticed the feeling of grass touching your feet while walking barefoot on the ground? The feeling leaves us feeling truly refreshed from within. Walking barefoot is one of the most recommended techniques of earthing. It involves making the skin come in direct contact with the earth’s surface, be it grass, mud, or even sand.

2. Grounding tools

If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to make the most of earthing techniques, you can simply make use of grounding tools available in the market. You choose among grounding shoes, sheets, blankets, mats, and other available options.

3. Coming in contact with water

If you have the privilege of natural or manmade waterbody, it is going to be of great use. Since water is one of the elements of earth, you can spend some time wading on a beach or swimming through the ocean to practice earthing. You can also ground yourself by simply sitting across and putting your feet in the water.

4. Laying on the ground

Laying on the grass or a beach is one of the simplest earthing techniques. All you have to do is make your skin come in direct contact with the earth’s surface to attain the benefits of earthing. Be careful of your surroundings if you are in a public space while practicing.

What are the benefits of earthing?

As discussed earlier, several studies and research have proved the positive effects earthing has on our bodies. Let’s check them out

  • Regulates blood circulation: The surface of red blood cells increases when our skin comes in direct contact with the earth and its elements, resulting in reduced blood viscosity. This makes the flow of blood and delivery of oxygen smooth.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety: Regular earthing sessions have the tendency to make us feel good from within, reducing high levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Reduced chronic pain: Earthing often exposes us to Vitamin D, which ensures that bones in our body remain healthy. Also, the increased blow flow significantly reduces pain and inflammation in the legs and feet.
  • Improved immunity: Our bodies experience biochemical and physiological changes when we physically come in contact with the earth’s surface. When we practice earthing, the enhanced sensory receptors boost immunity and aid the body in warding off sickness.


We hope that this article introduced our readers to the world of earthing and its numerous benefits. Make sure to check out our website for more such content on earthing.