What it means to be Grounded ?

There has been a lot of speculations about being grounded. Let us know first as to what does it mean to be grounded? Grounded people are those who have an adequate amount of faith in their worth. They are secure and assured about what they are at their core. They also have definite imagery regarding their goals and quiet confidence that tells them that they’ll be okay no matter what happens.

 Traits of Grounded people

  • Grounded people can withstand any storm in life.
  • Shock, whether big or small, fails to traumatize them.
  • Impulsiveness is not their prerogative as they analyze the situation and react accordingly. Such people are seldom bothered by anxiety.
  • Grounded beings are always ready to face every kind of adversity, and they are still hopeful for a positive outcome.
  • They can comfortably disassociate themselves from the distraction of the external world, which helps them in keeping a distance from pessimism.

How can you ground yourself? 

By undergoing the following stages, you can attain your grounded self:-

1. Introspect and suspend negativity

First, determine the reasons behind your negativity. They may be self-doubt, inability to make sound decisions, aimlessness, and many other restrictive notions.

Most likely, you are what you are because of your past experiences at different stages. That results in having a deeply ingrained “flawed, helpless, and seemingly incurable image” about yourself, in your mind.

In order to restore your well-being, you have to wash your hands off the very negativity, that’s stopping you from balancing your emotions.

Now, as you are acquainted with the causes of your despair, start working on healing yourself by following the practices:-

  • Connect with mother nature by walking barefoot on grass, inhale the smell of soil deeply, especially after the rain; check out the intricate detail of flowers and leaves and feel their texture)
  • Do yoga. Focus on the chakras.
  • Meditate on the name of your respective deity (if you are religious).
  • Wear grounding bracelets and necklaces, which have a calming effect.

Follow such practices routinely. They will eventually become a habit.

2. Set-up a new belief

You have to comprehend that you are wholesome just as you are. Keep this belief at the front seat of your mind and transform your personality, little by little.

If you are patient and diligent in your efforts, this belief will take you towards groundedness.

3. Establish a new self

The new belief will lead to new values and principles. These new standards of perspective will help you in choosing better and life-changing options when making a decision.

You will find that you are gradually establishing a vision in your subconscious and are eager to go on a meaningful path, which will eventually lead to a profoundly gratifying experience.

This refreshing positivity will aid you in constructing your long-term plans and setting priorities that are extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

Benefits of Being Grounded

  • Groundedness rescues from stagnation. It eradicates the hold of negative notions from inside you.
  • It renews and strengthens you physically, psychologically, and spiritually.
  • It keeps you focused, and you find yourself less bothered by other people.
  • It stabilizes you mentally, which further helps in performing daily functions without anxiety.
  • You eventually realize that you have control over your overthinking, and you can deal with a situation more wisely.


So now, you must have understood what it means to be grounded. Making yourself grounded takes time. You will need to work on yourself regularly by setting progressive habits and following them sincerely.

You don’t have to rush yourself. You will alter, but with practice, you will reach groundedness. Just trust the process, and fruit will be sweet.