How do I know if my Grounding Mat is working?

Technology can be a little tricky when it comes to gadgets and devices. If you are confused about how to operate or know if your grounding mat is working properly or not, then we have a little guide for you. With the help of this guide, you can check if your grounding mat is working or not. 

How do I know if my grounding mat is working?

You can easily test if your grounding mat is working or not with the following steps –

1. Get a Multimeter

To start off , make sure you have a Multimeter ready, it will be needed to test your grounding mat.

2. Plug in your Grounding Mat

Now, be sure that your mats adapter is plugged-In into the wall and that the other end connects to your grounding mat. The Power Point does not require turned-on as the cord does not conduct electricity, and it will make no difference if turned on. So, please make sure your power point is off.

3. Turn your Multimeter Knob to Ohms

Change the setting on your multimeter to the symbol you see above (called Ohms), this setting can be found in any multimeter. 

4. Attaching The Black Cord

Plug the multimeter’s black probe into the ground port of the wall socket. Make sure you are wearing Shoes with Rubber soles or Rubber/Plastic Slippers for safety reasons. Make sure the the other end of the black cable is connected to the port of the multimeter.

5. Attaching The Red Cord

Insert the red cable into the multimeter’s Port. Touch the red probe to the mat’s metal snap. If the multimeter shows a reading between 0 and 100 ohms, congratulations – your mat is grounded!


1. How long does it take for grounding mats to work? 

Reports suggest that the users can feel the change within a few days of using the grounding mats. These mats help to restore the electrical balance in the body, which is beneficial. 

2. Do grounding mats actually work? 

Grounding mats have proven to be beneficial to the human body. These grounding mats help in stimulating the flow of the earth’s energy and its electrons which is quite the same as walking barefoot. 

3. How long should you use an earthing mat? 

It is recommended to read the instructions manual before using any of the earthing mats. But generally talking, most of the brands suggest using them for at least 30-40 minutes. You will also find various earthing bedsheets in the markets these days, on which the users can sleep normally and enjoy the benefits of earthing. 

4. Do earthing mats wear out?

The age of your earthing mat totally depends on your level of hygiene and cleanliness. Usually, earthing mats last for about 1-5 years. 

We hope that the above-mentioned guide helps you in understanding if your grounding mat is working correctly. Stay tuned for more grounding content coming your way.