Earthing Sheet Benefits – Detailed Review

Earthing sheets are like regular bedsheets, the only difference is that these sheets have conductive materials woven through them. When the user’s bare skin comes in direct contact with the earthing sheet, it helps in the flow of electrons and energies from the earth to the human body. In today’s time, it is difficult to make time and find space for earthing. Here is when earthing sheets come to help. Earthing sheets can be used in multiple ways while working or even while doing your daily chores.

Pros & Cons of Earthing Sheets

Pros of earthing sheets

Earthing sheets are proven to be beneficial for grounding exercises. Nothing can be better than the earth’s own energies flowing into the body. Some of the benefits of earthing sheets are explained below:

  1. Regulate sleep

Many reports suggest that earthing has a positive effect on troubled sleep patterns. In today’s world with lifestyle changes among people, most of the population suffers from troubled sleep patterns and insomnia.   Earthing helps in providing sound sleep

  1. Reduce inflammation

Earthing sheets have a significant anti-inflammatory effect and reduce various kinds of pain and aches. When electrons flow through the body while using earthing sheets, it results in anti-oxidant effects which directly help in reducing inflammation.

  1. Recovery from wounds

Earthing after a wound or an injury helps in reducing the after-effects of the same. Pain, swelling, redness, and redness can be treated with the help of earthing sheets.

  1. Lower stress levels

As human skin comes in direct contact with the earth’s electrons, it has a direct impact on one’s mind and behaviour. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety levels.

  1. Regulating blood flow

Earthing sheets help in regulating the flow of blood cells, therefore leading to the regulation of blood flow and reducing blood viscosity and clumping.

Cons of earthing sheet

  1. Shocks

If your grounding device is placed near any other electric device, the chances of absorbing the underground electricity increase. Therefore, it is advised is avoid to using grounding sheets if your house has many high-voltage devices running in the background.

  1. Cancer

Reports suggest that there is little chance of developing cancer cells from overexposure to EMFs. Although the chances of cancer are less it’s better to be safe before it’s too late.

  1. Close proximity to EMFs

Using manmade grounding mats can make the human body come in contact with EMFs, and electromagnetic fields. These EMFs are present in the electrical environment.

  1. Dirty electricity

Drawing dirty electricity while using your earthing sheet can lead to anxiety, depression, inflammation, dizziness and other health conditions.

Best Earthing Sheets

  1. OKOHEY grounding fitted sheet

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Made with organic cotton and 5% pure silver fibre, these fitted grounding sheets help with the flow of electron current into the user’s body. All you are required to do is connect the grounding cord to the wall socket. This grounding sheet claims to be beneficial for old people, pregnant women, babies, and young people as well.

  • Price: $ 30
  • Material: 95% cotton fibre, 5% silver fibre
  • Size: King size 76x80x13 inch
  1. Grounded fitted bedsheet kit

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Get Grounded fitted bedsheet kit comes with a fitted bedsheet, connection cord, and a US outlet checker. Available in various sizes and colours, these sheets can either be used either as a top sheet or a bottom sheet. The brand recommends using their bare skin for optimal use.

  • Price: $ 325
  • Material: 100% cotton with conductive silver fibres
  • Size : 183*213 cm, 198*203 cm, 152*203 cm, 137*203 cm, 99*203 cm
  1. GroundLuxe Organic Fitted Organic Sheet

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GroundLuxe organic bedsheets help you to get a luxurious sleep, improved circulation, less stress, and eliminated chronic pain by connecting you to earth’s energy and its electrons. This bedsheet has been made from organic cotton and silver threads. These silver threads reduce fatigue caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

  • Price: $ 159
  • Material: Organic cotton and highly conductive silver fibre.
  • Size: Queen, King, Twin, Twin XL, California King, Full.
  1. CUAZCCS Grounding sheet

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This high-quality grounding sheet is made of pure cotton and silver. It contains 95% cotton and 5% silver fibres and is made from crisscross silver wires. Cuazccs grounding sheet is proven to be beneficial to health as it uses the earth’s natural energy.

  • Price: $ 50
  • Material: Organic cotton and silver fibre
  • Size: 27*52 inches, 36*91 inches, 60*80 inches, 76*80 inches

We hope that this article helped you to understand the pros and cons of the earthing sheets in a better manner and picking up the best one, based on its reviews.