Being grounded relieves you off stagnation. It breathes a new life into you and nourishes you physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

Unfortunately, becoming grounded is a gift that many people want but are unable to get.

The best way to achieve groundedness is to have a roaring “root chakra.” Root chakra provides you a sense of stability, taking away your insecurities. This chakra can only help you if it is aligned with Mother Earth.

In this article, you’ll be acquainted with some of the best grounding bracelets, which will make it easy to use your root chakra to your advantage.

Note: These grounding bracelets are made with stones and crystals which live in the great depths of the earth. If you want any of these to work in your favor, make sure you carry one most of the time. 

Here they are:-

Petrified Wood bracelet


  • Wearing such a bracelet is fortunate for you if you’ve found your path of growth consistently occupied with hurdles and twists. Its positive energy will help you in realizing your goals.
  • It eventually grounds you, and you are able to adjust better with sudden changes.
  • It also has the power to heal physical ailment like back pain.


Bloodstone bracelet


  • It can revive your health after a long illness.
  • You are at peace as carrying this bracelet all day brings clarity that further magnifies your decision-making ability.
  • Your confidence also increases many folds.


Red jasper bracelet


  • It boosts endurance, both physically and psychologically.
  • It makes you courageous and deepens your resolve to approach issues with a rational solution.


Tiger’s Eye bracelet



  • It intensifies your gut feeling and aids you in grasping the reality comfortably.
  • Unwanted emotions are controlled as Tiger’s Eye is known for reducing anxiety.
  • It is beneficial for those students who lack focus or have insomnia.


Black Obsidian bracelet


  • It protects you from negative forces as it has formidable metaphysical properties. It helps you in eradicating disharmony from your life.
  • You will notice that you have become more practical in making decisions.


Moss Agate bracelet


  • This is the money plant of crystals. If you want prosperity, start wearing a moss agate bracelet.
  • You are blessed with stability as it balances emotional energy.
  • In many cultures, wearing moss agate in any form is considered lucky for pregnant women. It is believed childbirth then becomes less complicated.


Jet bracelet


  • This bracelet tranquilizes the mind of the wearer. Gradually the anger bids goodbye.
  • It brings you near to mother nature, provides you mental strength, and neutralizes the impact of depression to a great extent.
  • Parents can make their hyperactive kids wear a jet stone bracelet. It will definitely calm them.


The best quality bracelets cost a little more than average. Many companies sell such items at a low price, but those are not to be trusted.

A first-rate bracelet will not exactly burn a massive hole into your pocket, but you’ll have to part with a considerable amount. If you want to enjoy the perks of a specific crystal or stone, spending a little won’t hurt.