Remember, growing up; our grandparents regularly asked us to accompany them barefoot on the fresh green grass in the mornings? Apparently, in their eyes, it was the cure for every disease. Many of us ignored their advice, but they were right, as always.

Connecting with nature in that way was a ‘way of life’ in the olden days. People of those times were more at peace than today’s generations. All due to being wholesomely grounded.

A little ahead in this article, you will get to know about some of the best grounding mats for bed.

Why use Grounding Mats?

Now, as we are adults, we find ourselves suffering from issues like anxiety, back pain, insomnia, depression, and many more, owing to being extremely engrossed in fulfilling the demands of our professions. We don’t have time to feel the ground beneath our feet and take advantage of its healing energy.

Our working hours don’t allow us to spend some time practicing groundedness every day. So for busy professionals like us, grounding or earthing mats come as a great convenience, which can be laid on the bed. Keeping aside the thought of walking outside, now we can simply lay down on a sheet that is linked with a medium of earthing, every night for 20 minutes and transport balance and harmony to our body.

Buyer’s Guide

SOME IMPORTANT POINTS that should be kept in mind before buying a grounding mat are:-

  • Dimensions matter a lot. Grounding mat for bed comes in different sizes. However, best is the option that covers the whole of your bed. If you are even a little uncomfortable during lying down, it will hinder your way to receive the healing effects of grounding energy.
  • Various mats for grounding consist of different types of wires to conduct the earth’s natural electrical vitality. Mats with natural materials like silver and carbon are better than the rest.

Coming onto the stars of this post, here are some of the best grounding mats for bed, which gradually revitalize you and reduce stress, aiding sound sleep.

Note: All these mats are conveniently available on AMAZON, and they come with an electric cord. These cords aid the release of energy to run through the mat slowly. That saves the users from getting a shock.

Grounded Beauty Large Sleep Mat

Grounded Beauty Large Sleep Mat

Price: $189.00

  • This mat comes with straps that secure the mat with the mattress.
  • The material is perforated 100% conductive carbon leatherette. You can cover it with a sheet if you don’t want direct contact with a leathery surface. It won’t hamper the results. Still, you’ll be able to cure many issues with regular use.
  •  The cord provided with it has an integrated 100k resistor that protects from the sudden electrical rush.


  • The fabric of the mattress is completely safe for direct contact.
  • It heals long ongoing back pains.


  • It is expensive.
  • Some users complain that it doesn’t perform well as compared to others.

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The Original Universal Grounding Mat Kit

Grounding Mat, Earthing Mat

Price: $65.50

  • The kit consists of a grounded mat, a cable, an adapter, and a tester. Also, there is a user guide, a copy of an earthing book, and an earthing documentary.
  • The mat is made with environment-friendly materials like vinyl-free PU resin that is packed with carbon pigment and TPE closed-cell foam.
  • The whole kit can be taken on travel.


  • The material is safe for the environment.
  • It reduces headaches and de-stresses you effortlessly.


  • Its rubber-like smell is strong and does not go easily.
  • The rubber dries out your skin.

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Land Kissing Grounding Mats Kit

LandKissing Grounding Mats Kit

Price: $56.99

  • The cord has an amalgamated 50K resistor that guards against an electrical shock.
  • The kit has two earthing bracelets, with 10% silver fiber.
  • The user guide will enlighten you perfectly on how this kit works.


  • It is the best budget buy.
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors too.


  • Users complain of its ineffectiveness and faulty setting.

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Which grounding mats to choose?

All the above grounding mats are up for grabs at Amazon. Browse the reviews to your heart’s content and select the one which resonates with you the most. You will not be disappointed.

Gradually with its usage, you will notice improved blood circulation, reduced inflammation, diminished stress, and speedy recovery from pain.