Grounding mat dangers

Grounding is considered one of the best exercises to connect with the earth’s electrons and energies. We are well aware of grounding and its numerous benefits for the human body. Although it is advised to perform grounding exercises on vacant land or sand, finding such pieces of land isn’t easy these days. Therefore, we have several products available that help in practising grounding. One such product is a grounding mat; these mats have cords attached. Grounding mats help absorb earth’s energies and electrons into the human body by using them in several ways. You keep these mats below your feet while doing your daily chores, sleep on them or perform various exercises.    

As much as the grounding mats have their benefits, they also have a few of its side effects. Grounding helps relax tensed muscles, reduce stress and anxiety, regulate sleep, increase heart rate variability and many others.

Dangers of Grounding Mats

In this article, we will be discussing some of the side effects of using grounding mats. Let’s take a look at these: 

  1. Possibility of shocks 

Using grounding devices can be much more effective when used appropriately; since these devices are operated through a cord connected to a wall socket, there are chances of shocks. If your grounding device is placed near any other electric device, the chances of absorbing the underground electricity are. It is best to avoid using grounding mats if your house has many high-voltage devices running in the background.

  1. The flow of dirty electricity 

Plugging your grounding device into a socket without testing it can lead to the flow of dirty electricity, which is often considered a form of electric pollution. As we know, pollution is dangerous to the human body; dirty electricity is also tricky. Drawing this form of electrical energy from your grounding mats can result in anxiety, depression, inflammation, dizziness and other problems. 

  1. Contact with EMFs 

Artificial grounding mats can connect the human body with EMFs and electromagnetic fields. These EMFs are present in the electrical environment. While walking barefoot on a piece of land is beneficial for the body, on the other hand, using such grounding products can prove to be more harmful than helpful. It can affect your nervous system, hampering essential bodily functions like breathing and heartbeat. 

  1. Risk of Cancer 

Reports suggest that there is little chance of developing cancer cells from overexposure to EMFs. Althocancer cases are fearless; it’s so better to be safe before it’s too late.  

How to be safe while using grounding mats? 

To protect yourself from harmful grounding hazards, it is essential to use your grounding mats appropriately and safely. 

Follow these steps to practise the safe use of grounding mats: 

1. Practise grounding in a safe electrical environment 

Before you start using your grounding mat, ensure no high-voltage devices are running in the background, as it increases the chances of absorbing underground electrical energy. 

2. Do your research 

Before investing in a grounding mat, do your research. Make sure you research by looking at the product’s star rating and reviews. After getting a grounding mat, read the instruction manual so that you use the carpet properly without letting it hurt you. 

3. Start with shorter sessions 

If you are new to the grounding process and have started using grounding mats. Remember to start with shorter sessions and gradually increase the period. 


 1. Can you leave a grounding mat plugged in all the time?

     Since every brand’s grounding mat is different, it is recommended to reading the instructions manual carefully before leaving your grounding mat plugged in all the time. Although, you can unplug your carpet from the cord before washing it. 

 2. Does your skin have to touch the grounding mat?

      It is essential to come in contact with your grounding mat’s bare skin to benefit from it. Since most rugs are made from conductive materials, it is safe to use their bare skin.

  3. Do you have to sleep directly on a grounding mat?

      Yes, it is better to sleep directly on the grounding mat so that your skin comes in direct contact with it. 

  4. Can I wear socks with a grounding mat?

       Although you can choose to wear socks while using a grounding mat, it is recommended to use such mats barefoot. 

Although such products as grounding mats are beneficial, they also have some adverse effects. We hope the above article helped you understand the side effects of grounding mats in depth.