Grounding Exercises for Groups

Grounding exercises are actions you can engage in to remain connected with the present moment. They are a means to get in touch with your current place and time by disengaging yourself from distracting thoughts and memories.

How do grounding exercises help you? 

Grounding exercises help you to ignore unwanted thoughts, memories, flashbacks and relapses of unwanted feelings caused by trauma or mental distress and help you focus your attention on the task at hand. It involves a series of exercises or techniques you may undertake to help you ignore negative thoughts and feelings and remain rooted in the present. Grounding exercises channel your energies to the present moment and help you overcome recurring memories of past trauma and distress.

Grounding Exercises for Groups

Grounding exercises can be conducted in groups to help a group of participants suffering from mental distress overcome the challenges they encounter. Group participation also allows participants to exchange thoughts and feelings and develop positive, helpful relationships. Participants can be supportive of each other, and such groups can become a robust support system for the participants guided by the trainers.

In this article, we have discussed a few grounding exercises that can be performed by a group of people  Check them out: 

1. Stretching 

For this exercise, the group will be required in columns or rows, whatever is more convenient. Sets of jumping jacks, rope jumping, jumping up and down, and jogging can be practised. These exercises ensure that the feet constantly come in with the earth, letting the electrons and energies flow into the body. Apart from grounding, these exercises have multiple benefits to the body, including weight management, strengthening the legs and much more. 

2. Stimulate senses by the 5-4-3-2-1 method 

This is one of the most exciting and awakening grounding exercises. The 5-4-3-2-1 method means :

  • Listing 5 things you hear
  • Listing 4 things you see
  • Listing 3 things you can touch
  • Listing 2 things you can smell
  • Listing 1 thing you can taste 

This exercise ensures that the participant comes in contact with the earth and environment through the five senses.

3. The Group clap 

This exercise requires the group to clap several times., handclapping in sets and variations can be made exciting and fun. For example, everyone claps five times, pauses and then repeats or forms a circle and lets the group participants clap. 

4. Deep breathing

This exercise will require all the group participants to sit on the ground and form a circle. Every participant can express their emotions through a few words, one by one. This activity should be followed by deep breathing. This can be repeated one or two times, as per convenience. 

The group mentioned above exercises help effectively in the grounding process and help to connect with the earth and its positive energies.