How to ground yourself spiritually?

Spiritual grounding is a technique that helps us to connect our body and mind to the heart. Grounding, also known as earthing, helps us stay connected with nature and its four elements, fire, water, air, and earth. If you focus on how you breathe or function in tandem with the four elements of nature, you can focus on the present. Also, external factors make your mind less likely to wander here and there. Meditation, visualization, gratitude, and affirmations can be practised to initiate the process of spiritual grounding in your body.

Ground yourself spiritually

You can practise the following activities to ground yourselves spiritually:

  1. Practise meditation

Meditation helps to shift your focus from things in your mind and back on your mind and body by concentrating. Practising meditation early in the morning with a fresh mind is recommended, as sunlight has been scientifically and medically proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Meditation not only helps to feel closer to the earth but also helps in treating physical problems. It helps keep blood pressure in check, regulating the heartbeat and reducing the body’s metabolism.

  1. Take a walk outside

Walking for 20 minutes outside in nature helps you connect with the earth and its energy. The best way to feel closer to the ground is by walking barefoot on the land, beach or near water bodies. With every step you take, your tensed muscles relax, muscle fatigue reduces, and muscle recovery improves.

  1. Change your diet

Eating a lot of sugar and processed food can result in obesity, heart conditions, skin issues and increased cholesterol levels. Make sure to include organically grown fruits, vegetables and lentils in your diet and reduce processed and junk food. Eating healthy improves your physical health and makes you feel good from within. Add grounding vegetables like carrots, ginger, beetroot, and carrot to your everyday diet to feel closer to earth.

  1. Yoga

Practising yoga regularly has proven medical benefits to the human body. Different poses target different areas of the body; try to include these different poses in different sets in your everyday yoga routine. Practising yoga outdoors with some or the other part of your body touching the ground will be more beneficial.

Before implementing this technique in your daily life, you should know about the critical benefits of spiritual grounding.

Benefits of spiritual grounding:

  1. Gives you a sense of stability.
  2. It helps you have a connection with your body and nature.
  3. Limits overthinking and unnecessary worrying.
  4. It enables you to get rid of profound negative thoughts.
  5. You will be unlikely to stay stuck on past or future experiences.

While the above list must have made it easier for you to figure out how to feel at peace and grounded, comment down your ways of practising spiritual grounding to the above list.