Best Ways To Ground Yourself Indoors

With each day passing by, we are becoming more aware of the benefits of grounding ourselves. But, you may not always feel the urge to step outside and walk barefoot on sand, dirt, or grass, or even go swimming to absorb the natural energy. That’s when these companies have stepped in and introduced their grounding products, thus relieving us of the stress of stepping outside every time we feel the need to imbibe this energy.

Ways to Ground Yourself Indoors

Let’s cover the various options for grounding yourself indoors.

List of products which you can include and ground yourself indoors

1. Grounded Footwears :

These special slippers help build the required healing connection so that you can choose these over the non-conductive rubber ones.

2. Grounding Socks and Blankets:

Even if you are on your bed, you can keep the connection going by putting on a pair of grounded socks and covering yourself with an earthed blanket. 

3. Grounded Chairs:

While working on your laptop or even while having your meal, these unique chairs will help you with imbibing the earth’s energy.

4. Mats, Bands, and Patches with Electric Sockets:

These products, using a cord, set up a direct connection with the earth’s energy, thus keeping you grounded. Therefore, even if you are busy doing your yoga, you can just spread this mat and feel the earthly connection.

Check these amazing grounding mats for your bed.

5. Grounded Patio:

These particular patios can even help us with grounding on concrete without a vapor barrier. The cement composition involves all the natural products; thus, your feet can directly connect with the earth’s energy anytime.

Other ways of grounding yourself indoors

1. Sit in sunlight:

If you have the advantage of living in a house with abundant sunlight, sit in front of the window and soak yourself in the sunlight. Not only does sunlight provide us with Vitamin D, but it is also a source of natural rays of energy healing.

2. Take a Salt Bath

A warm salt bath would increase your spiritual level and cleanse you of all the negative energy, thus calming your body, soul, and mind.

3. Keep a Stone Handy

Stones are the best means to conduct this energy. Keep touching them and set up a connection with mother nature. You will have the advantage of experiencing this energy at any point just by keeping kyanite, hematite, or garnet in your pocket.

4. Exercise and Eat Nutritious Food

Getting out of your head but still staying in your present body is an effective way of grounding yourself. Exercising regularly would shift your focus from other pressures and make you focus on the earthly beauty. Fresh vegetables bring positive energy, grounding yourself to the earth with them if consumed.

Benefits of Grounding yourself:

  1. Reduces inflammation and increases blood flow, thus better working of the heart.
  2. It decreases pain and stress and helps in improving the sleep cycle.
  3. It increases heart rate and helps in healing one’s wound variability.
  4. It helps in dealing with anxiety and depression.

When nature provides us with these antioxidants in abundance, we stop consuming various chemicals or even using them gradually. All we have to do is reconnect and stay grounded.