Grounding Floor

Grounding floor mats are designed specially to practice grounding exercises. These help in bringing close the person using the carpet to the earth’s electrons and the electric current. Following such practices often improves sleep, reduces chronic pain, provides relaxation to the muscles, helps manage stress, and much more.

Best 5 Grounding Floor Mats

In the article below, we have listed the best floor mats available online. Check them out:

  1. Earth & Moon grounding mat

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This Earth & Moon grounding floor mat is made of the highest quality Polyurethane material and comes with a 1-year free replacement warranty. It claims to be much more durable, and the soft material makes it more accessible to easy to store. Not to forget, the earthing cord that comes with this mat has been thoroughly checked and ensured that it works perfectly.

Price: Rs. 10,366

Material: Polyurethane

Size: 60*90 cm


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This grounding mat is made of high-quality polyurethane synthetic leather, making it safe for animals. It is a fuss-free product that does not take long to set up; all you are required to do is connect the cord to the mat and lay it down. In addition, it is backed up with 2-year free replacement guarantees and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction and defects.

Price: Rs. 4,853

Material: Polyurethane

Size: 23.6*35.4 inches

  1. Earthing ground mat kit

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This Earthing ground mat kit (pack of 2) promotes better sleep, reduces inflammation, and helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It comes with a 7-day replacement policy.

Price: Rs. 18,853

Material: Polyurethane

Size: 34.19 x 16.21 x 11.4 cm

  1. WellSleep earthing universal mat

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WellSleep’s earthing universal mat is designed scientifically to help in reducing inflammation, wound healing, muscle relaxation, and other health problems. All you are required to use this mat is to plug in the in-built earthing cord and let the carpet do its magic. Using this mat protects the body from EMFs and re-direct damaging electromagnetic energies.

Price: Rs. 3,828

Material: Not mentioned

Size: 9.8*11.8 inches

  1. Hooga grounding mat

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Made from conductive vegan leather, this Hooga grounding mat uses the earth’s natural energy and helps in improving health and well-being. The brand suggests standing barefoot, so the users come in direct contact with the earth’s electrons and enjoy the benefits of grounding. Not to forget, this mat comes with a 7-day replacement policy and a 2-year warranty.

Price: Rs. 9,198

Material: Vegan leather and SBR foam

Size: 26.5*18

We hope that the above article helped you pick out the best grounding floor from a lot available in the market and online stores and enjoy the numerous benefits.