Best Grounding blankets available in USA

Grounding blankets are a new form of blankets designed specially to help in grounding while resting on your beds or sleeping. Since, humans lead such a busy and difficult life in today’s time, they do not have time to connect with earth and it’s energies. Grounding blankets and other such products prove to be beneficial in such times.In this article we have listed down various grounding blankets available out there.

Top 3 Grounding blankets

1.Hooga Grounding blanket

Grounding blankets

Made from a blend of premium quality materials like cotton and cotton blend, this Hooga grounding throw blanket has a layer conductive silver fiber and an exterior composition of soft and fuzzy,100% polyester. Using this blanket benefits in a number of ways, it helps to absorb the energy from earth and let it flow into the human body. It helps in relaxing tensed muscles, reducing pain and inflammation, regulating sleep, reduce stress and anxiety and much more. Not to forget, it is an easy to use product, all you are required to do is connect the snap-on cord on the blanket to the electrical outlet and you are good to go.

Price : $129.99

Size : 60″L x 50″W

Material : Polyester, Cotton, Cotton Blend

2. Ultimate Longetivity ground therapy grounding throw kit

This Ground Therapy grounding throw kit comes a pack of grounding blanket throw, coil cord with in-line current limiting 100k ohm resistor (15′) ,  U.S. Safety Adapter, Outlet Tester and a copy of the book ‘Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever. Made from organic cotton, polyster and silver threads. It is a safer product to use as it does not use electricity, therefore limiting the risk of getting any harmful hazards. Another plus point of this of this blanket is that it has been manufactured by Clint Ober and come with 1-year warranty.

Price : $239.00

Size : 12.28 x 9.84 x 7.13 inches

Material : 29.5% Organic Cotton, 68.5% Polyester, and 2% Silver Threads

3. Intuition Physician throw blanket

Made from 100% organic cotton and pure silver fibers acts as a soft and non-toxic conductive layer and helps in getting a sound sleep. It is completely safe to use as it is   highly conductive at ~1 Ohm/sq for powerful grounding, while providing greater than 45-55dB shielding from 10MHz to 4 GHz.  That means the blanket is made from materials that are safe to the environment and to the human kin as well.

It is a multi-purpose product that can be used in many useful ways like while watching television, while sleeping or even just resting on the couch.

Price : $ 195

Size : 4*4 feet

Material : 100% pure silver and cotton fibers 


We really hope that this article helped in knowning more about grounding blanket and p;ick the best out of them . Stay tuned for more grounding content coming your way!

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