5 benefits of earthing barefoot

You must have noticed your elders taking a barefoot stroll in parks and gardens; ever wondered why they do so? Walking barefoot on the ground is one of the most effective techniques of earthing, which results in tonnes of positive effects on our bodies. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of earthing barefoot in this article.

Benefits of earthing barefoot

1. Improved blood circulation

Regulated blood flow makes the human body function smoothly along with mental well-being. Scientific studies have stated that walking barefoot on Earth’s surfaces increases the surface area of red blood cells, which eventually reduces blood viscosity. As a result, the body’s blood flow and oxygen delivery are boosted. Since high viscosity is also associated with serious heart conditions, patients with such conditions are recommended to practice earthing.  

2. Improved muscle and bone health

Walking barefoot under the sunlight makes us come in contact with an abundance of sunlight, leading to increased levels of Vitamin D in our bodies. And Vitamin D essentially improves our muscle and bone health. Earthing also improves blood circulation, and this increased blood flow also lessens heaviness and inflammation in the legs and feet. This is why doctors advise arthritis patients to practice earthing barefoot.

3. Build Mindfulness

Earthing has been proven as an excellent technique for practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is known as the act of being present in a moment with all your mind without being judgemental. When start practicing it, we gain a deeper understanding of our bodies and minds and develop the ability to respond less quickly to our thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations. This eventually introduces us to peace, balanced life, and ease of survival.

4. Improved immunity

You must be aware of the fact that the human foot sole contains a large number of sensory receptors and nerve endings. The human foot sole contains a large number of sensory receptors and nerve endings. Our bodies experience biochemical and physiological changes when we physically come in contact with the earth’s surface. When we practice earthing barefoot, the enhanced sensory receptors boost immunity and aid the body in warding off sickness.

5. Makes you feel good

Have you noticed how walking barefoot on grass instantly lifts our mood? This is simply because the soles of our feet receive a gentle massage from uneven surfaces like sand and small pebbles. Our bodies’ nerves and energy flow are stimulated by this, which results in a natural and free massage to our feet.

6. Balances body

Walking barefoot allows the body to reconnect with the earth, which in turn activates the brain’s vestibular system. This stimulation consequently improves the body’s perception of balance. Additionally, it enhances proprioceptive neural input from muscle and joint receptors to the brain. This makes our body aware of its position on the ground and reduces pain in and around the foot.


Amazed to see so many health benefits of merely walking barefoot on Earth? Well, grounding has proved to be your free-of-cost therapy for both your mind and body. Do not forget to check out more informational articles on grounding on our website.